Custom Programming

You have a

  sticky problem that needs solving. You have an idea for a great web site. You wish to update your legacy system.

Ring Development engineers

  can get it done. We are well trained ... advanced degrees in computer science, with years of experience in a broad range of disciplines. We are dedicated to providing quality solutions - efficiently. We want you to save enough money using our service that our work pays for itself. We strive to build robust, elegant solutions - ones that work for years and years and are easy to update as your business grows and your horizons expand.

A great design

  leads to a great product, whether you're building skyscrapers or web sites. We measure twice and cut once - so to speak. And at Ring, when it's time to create, we draw on our vast library of software - built by our experts, tested and proven in the field. We also pull together open source building blocks to create a seamless end-product in much less time than could ever be done from scratch.

How do you get started?

  Give us a call, or send us an email. We'll discuss your project in whatever level of detail you desire in your free initial consultation. Then we can put together an estimate that will surprise you by the competitiveness of our price, and the speediness of our delivery.

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  • Oram Foundation
    Document handling system to allow sharing of proposals and reviews
  • TransitChekSelect
    Content Management System for offering pre-tax vouchers to employees for public transit
  • Tru Chocolate
    Joomla installation for MLM software, in collaboration with off-shore engineers in India and Canada
  • AutoCircuit
    Content Management System for small auto dealers.