Products & Services

Over the years

, Ring has developed a number of useful products and services. Most came about due to the personal interests of our engineers.

For example

, our dedication to youth soccer led to the creation of League Partner. League Partner is a full featured content management system (CMS) designed to be used by sports-saavy, but not necessarily computer-saavy managers. If you or your children are involved in youth sports, and you would like to assist the league, refer them to us. League Partner helps Rainbow Soccer, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, handle over 3000 participants each year, but it's cost effective for very small leagues as well.

An interest in family trees

and genealogy led to the development of Ancestor Tree. An injured friend was the catalyst for Our Calendar (a shared community calendar for scheduling visits, meals, carpools, etc.)

Feel free

to try out each of these products, make suggestions for improvements; perhaps you have great ideas for extensions.

Contact us for your free initial consultation.

Ancestor Tree

Worry-free genealogy website hosting for everyone!

AncestorTree.Net offers your choice of three web based genealogy programs - webtrees, PhpGedView and The Next Generation. All three use MySQL private databases for secure storage. We offer various levels of support and security.

My Neighbors Referrals

My Neighbors Referrals is a service for neighbors and HOAs who wish to share recommendations on service providers. The model is similar to a virtual back yard fence - you ask your neighbors for advice on contractors and service providers they know and have used. Works well for promoting a neighborhood business, for teen baby-sitters, local home sales and rentals, too.

My Neighbors Referrals is written in PHP with MySQL back-end. New neighborhoods can be brought up in a matter of minutes. This software is 100% supported by Ring Development.

Time Sheet

Ring Timesheet provides intuitive, easy Time Registration on the web. Timesheet is a web application timesheet, suitable for most time registration databases. Click here for a demo of Timesheet. Login as guest/guest or idle/guest. This is a live connection to an Achievo project management and time registration database.

Timesheet technology is available as free software at Sourceforge project Opentimesheet.