Ring Development People


: A metaphor for a close-knit group, encouraging purposeful communication, where no part is greater or less than the others.

Ring Development Engineers

: Well trained, experienced, friendly, and hard working.

Our engineers are trained

 in many different disciplines. We can speak Geek if necessary, but really we prefer plain old English. Describe your idea and we'll get it. Chances are, one of us has some experience in the field in which you work. A little in-depth knowledge speeds the communication process, and ensures that your finished product matches your imagination. And when the product is ready to be rolled out, we can train you in its use, we can answer your questions, and provide you with clear, concise, written documentation.


 the ball rolling. Contact us for your free initial consultation.

Rob Smith

Rob strives

 to develop software that is intuitive (easy to learn), robust (works the first time and every time), and powerful (saves you work, and makes your end-product substantially better).

Before forming Ring

 Development with George Pauly in 2002, Rob was Principal Engineer at Evolve Software, in San Francisco. Evolve built Resource Management software, designed to optimize the use of human resources in project management. Rob led two divisions of twenty-two engineers in development of the product.

Prior to his work

 with Evolve, Rob was assistant professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at North Carolina Central University in Durham.