tHe Ring development process

  1. Contact us by email.  We can work remotely, or we can arrange to meet and maintain safe social distancing.  Your initial consultation is always free, never any obligation.
  2. We’ll execute a non disclosure agreement to ensure that your ideas are safe.
  3. We’ll talk about your business idea, where it stands, where you’d like it to be, and how Ring Development can help you automate and optimize.
  4. Together, we’ll author a detailed design specification – a document that will guide us toward the finish line, and ensure that we are communicating well.
  5. Ring will create a prototype, or “proof of concept” on any complicated processes.  The prototype will give you a visual idea of what the finished product will look like.
  6. Working from the prototype, Ring will create the product, eliciting frequent feedback, with daily and weekly milestones.
  7. Once the product is complete, tested, documented, and delivered, you’ll be in business.
  8. Ring will support the software, and add enhancements as you see fit.

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  • No need to hire a programmer, use Ring Development to keep your costs low
  • Domains, Hosting, and SSL certificates included
  • Search Engine Optimization included
  • All development done by US citizens working in the USA

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We can give you a fixed bid on your project (and guarantee the maximum price), or we can bill by the hour.  We’re committed to your bottom line.


100% satisfaction guaranteed

We don’t stop working until your product/project/idea is completed to your design specifications.



If your company is a nonprofit, or a charitable organization, we offer special pricing (sometimes free!)